sign_left_column(10) Well-maintained amenities– HOA’s typically do an outstanding job of maintaining amenities such as manicured common areas, freshly updated entry signs, and attractive enhanced lighting in the neighborhood.

(9) Increased amenities– Not just well-maintained amenities, but lots of them, which may include fitness/walking trails, barbecue pits and neighborhood parks;

(8) Aesthetically pleasing homes– Just take a drive through your community and you’ll see that deed enforcement is being managed;

(7) Rules and regulations deter nuisance activity and promote conformity– Beauty is not just in the eye of the beholder;

(6) Added layer of support in dealing with neighborhood property issues –HOA’s often partner with municipal code compliance departments to ensure adherence to rules;

(5) Community bonding and communication among neighbors– HOA meetings and community events are a great way to get informed about your community, meet your neighbors, and make new friends;

(4) Increased community pride– Who wouldn’t be proud to live in an attractive, well-run community;

(3) Financial stability– A well-managed HOA has a reserve in place and funds available for future common area repairs and capital improvements, thereby reducing the likelihood of special assessments down the road;

(2) TLC – Community common areas are well maintained by trained professionals;

And, the number one benefit of living in a community with a well-managed HOA is …

(1) Protected property values – One of the most beneficial long term advantages of an HOA include the regulations put in place by the board that ultimately protect the property value of your home.